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This party was crazy! There were so many people there to meet Pixielocks, a youtube sensation based in cute clothes, bright colors, and all things adorable. This 20-year-old personality star came from Canada to meet the members of the “Confetti Club”, as she affectionately refers to those who follow her channel and her work. This was the first appearance of Pixielocks at a major event, and the first held in the United States.

Held in Dylan’s Candy Bar in the Upper East Side of New York City, NY. This flagship location for the series of Dylan’s Candy Bars in the USA features a giant candy shop downstairs, complete with large rainbow lollipops hanging from the ceiling and jelly bean artwork behind the cash registers. Up a set of light up candy-covered stairs, above the candy shop, is the lounge and bar where the party was being held.

The upstairs bar and lounge was filled to max capacity with all manner of cutely dressed and kawaii individuals from all walks of life, just living their dreams and meeting their idol, Pixielocks. Confetti Club members of all ages, from 2 years old to 40 years old and up, were there to enjoy the candy, delicious snacks, and incredible drinks served at the bar. One drink I saw during my time at the party was even bubbling with a cloud of smoke!

During the party, we also enjoyed singers and classical musicians, who were all very talented and added a lot of fun to the evening. While waiting to meet Pixielocks or order a drink, you could visit the vendors and buy cute items and accessories. Many of the vendors offered items exclusive at the event, and I saw a few attendees buy things to wear with the outfits they had on. I think it was a great addition to the party to have vendors offer more cute things to buy and wear!

Towards the middle of the party, we had a surprise guest – Sebastian Masuda! He heard that there was a cute and kawaii party happening in NYC, and he just had to stop by. Be on the look out for an exclusive interview with Mr. Masuda very soon, there are so many exciting things in the works that he just had to share with KERA magazine!

Please enjoy the sugary photos, complete with bright smiles, colorful candies, and crazy energy – and here’s to more events in the USA just like these! Special thanks to Dylan’s Candy Bar and Kawaii Society for putting on such a great show that all enjoyed. The power of self-expression never seizes to amaze me!

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Interview with Pixielocks

By Renée Marie

* In your opinion, what three words would describe you?

Probably creative, optimistic, and friendly, I think?

* What fashion style do you wear most often?

I’ve just been enjoying general colourful harajuku style! I love bright colours and pastels, loud prints, cute themes and weird kitschy accessories.

* Do you have a favorite fashion brand? If so, tell us!

WC is my favourite brand for sure, I love their sporty but still girly pastel aesthetic. I also really love Swankiss, Candy Stripper, and some western brands as well like Lazy Oaf and Irregular Choice.

* What would you put into the ultimate itabag?

Lots and lots and lots of Ojamajo Doremi! And then a second bag for just Precure. I love magical girl anime and have a huge collection of magical girl wands as well as a big magical girl thigh tattoo.

* What type of music do you listen to? Have you attended any concerts by those bands or artists?

My music does not match my harajuku style at all but I love Muse. I’ve seen them 4 times live, they’re my favourite band hands down. I also really like Metric, St Vincent, The Cure, and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs!

* why did you choose to become a Youtuber?

I started my Youtube channel to share my love of j-fashion! I used to be a sweet lolita and started off making videos about lolita fashion. I’ve been on Youtube for almost 4 years now and my style has changed but it has always been cute, sparkly and colourful!

* Do you have a professional do your colorful hair or is you hair DIY?

(please explain the process briefly – whether DIY or professionally done)

It’s DIY 99% of the time! I have been dying my hair myself since I was in 7th grade. I like to use Ion Colour Brilliance hair dye. It’s hard to describe but I do have a couple videos of the hair dying process 🙂

* What is the most kawaii part of your life?

Probably my Youtube channel actually. I love making videos because there are so many elements- from the topic of the video, to your hair/make up, to the background behind you, and then of course the editing/music/intro. You can really make it a whole super cute complete package and I love that.

* You often mention your Mother in your videos, would you say she was a major part of your outlook on life? Do you think she influenced your style and personality?

Yes, I love my mom! We are super close. She is an amazing mom as well as my best friend. She definitely is not into kawaii fashion but she supports me and admires the aesthetic. My mom is a professional photographer so we do photoshoots a lot and film videos together and it is so fun.

* Do you collect anything? If so, tell us about your collections!

I collect magical girl wands like there is no tomorrow. I have over 20 items right now and they are proudly displayed on my wall. I have items from Ojamajo Doremi, Cardcaptor Sakura, Precure, and Sailor Moon at the moment. It’s my favourite part of my room!

* What would you consider the most difficult or challenging part of being a Youtuber and public personality?

It’s hard having an audience for not just your sparkly happy moments, but watching everything you do in your life. You are constantly being watched and commented on and sometimes it can feel like you have no privacy. But I love my followers and so many of them are super respectful and understanding!

* If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and what would you do?

I just want to go back to Japan over and over and over. I would love to go back and see another Precure live show, and hopefully be there in time to visit one of those amazing pop up cafes! There was an Ojamajo Doremi pop up cafe going on and I was so sad I missed it.

* Is there anything else you’d like to tell us? What should we expect from you in the future?

I’m going to fashion school in the fall so I am super excited to be bringing more fashion and sewing content to my social media! I am hoping to be able to sell my designs as well but that will be a bit further down the line. Thank you so much and I hope you stick around to follow me on my journey!


*Renèe Marie whit Pixielocks mom


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