This meetup was comfortable and easy going, as we hold seasonal meetups every year. This Spring, our meetup theme was Twin Power! For this, everyone talked with others in the group and worked out a matching outfit, so they could “twin” together! We ate a hip taco and burrito joint, played Lolita Bingo, and generally socialized and goofed off. It was super relaxing and enjoyable!

As the host of this event, I provided little goodie bags for all attendees which included cute bandaids, bubbles, candy shaped highlighters, and buttons with sheep and baby chicks on them. Part of the games, were prizes and giveaways, including a gift certificate to BlingUp Nails. The winner of Lolita Bingo won this prize! Additionally, prizes included matching accessories for best dressed Twins, as well as gifts to the Twins who were the kindest and most helpful!

After we were done eating, playing games, and chatting at the Taco joint, we walked a few doors down to a lovely frozen yogurt shop for some delicious sweet treats. It was here that we took our photos and generally relaxed in cute company a bit longer. More socializing, and then it was on the road again for the attendees who traveled in from out of town for the event.

Everyone looked fantastic in their matching outfits, and we even had some new faces who were dressing up or joining us at a meetup for the very first time! It is always a good day when we can welcome new fashionable, frilly friends to the community and help spread the love that is self-expression through Japanese Street Fashion. 😊



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