Despite being a relatively obscure subculture and alternative fashion, as the archives of the internet would show us, Lolita Fashion has graced the figures of quite a few international pop stars. A quick google search of the words “celebrities in Lolita Fashion” would show us the instances in which pop stars that have dabbled in our beloved frilly style. It’s no surprise Hollywood stylists have been drawn to the ruffled charms of Lolita fashion, after all who can resist it´s voluminous skirts and a hint of Disney Princess meets Marie Antoinette.

Unfortunately, our favorite frilly fashion hasn’t been worn as gracefully as we would like by some of these celebrities.  From the infamous No Blouse transgression, to wearing neckties as boob ties (?), it is a shame to see most stylists didn’t even bother doing a quick google search on how the style ought to be worn.

Katy Perry gave Lolita fashion a whirl for her Japanese audience, wearing an Angelic Pretty OP, complete with pink wrist cuffs and a pink mini hat. While the coord itself wasn’t actually atrocious, it’s the odd placement of the neck ties that will surely prompt any Lolita Fashion aficionado rolling his or her eyes. The neck ties are supposed to be tied around the neck, forming an “X” against the upper part of the chest. This style is particularly prominent in Old School Lolita styles.

Jessica Simpson flashed her bloomers and petticoat whilst wearing a full coordinate complete with an Angelic Pretty boston bag. Though the coordinate itself is valid on paper, her oompa loompa shade of tan and the brassy yellow beehive hair along with the bizarre choice of earrings made the look come off as buffoonish, reminiscent of what snooki from the Jersey Shore would look like in Lolita and not very elegant or princess-like. Again the neckties are worn incorrectly, Jessica wore hers as if they were halter top straps, but then again who can blame her, she has spent most of her career in halter tops that are too small for her.

Rap-stress turned meme, Lil´ Mama wore an Angelic Pretty alice style skirt to the BET Awards in an odd attempt to coordinate with her daughter’s outfit. She combined her main piece with a tube top and what look like red converse low tops. While sneakers are trying to become a thing in Lolita fashion, this coordinate is quite strange. I’m guessing her and her stylist just thought it was a cute dress and have no idea what Lolita Fashion is about.

Lady Gaga had a brief Lolita phase, while she did heed most of the rules, the materials for her shiro Lolita look are cheap looking.

Nicki Minaj showed us her sweet side for the cover of her album Pink Friday. While she isn’t wearing a blouse (gasp!), I think they did a good job getting the silhouette right and using a large bow for the hair accessory. The hairstyle is also very evocative of the traditional Lolita style. The look would have been adorable had she worn wrist cuffs instead of the pink gloves, but overall the look is cute.

Artists like Melanie Martinez and Hailey Williams from Paramore have very briefly worn something akin to Lolita fashion for performances or photoshoots. While some elements of Lolita are present in their attire, for example Hailey wears a JSK, Mary Janes and crew socks, however the silhouette isn’t there. Melanie makes a more conscious attempt to style herself in the image of a Lolita, but again the shape of the skirt is lacking. Both achieve the overall vibe of a Lolita look; nonetheless Lolita is a strict style with very specific rules. The rules of the style are very clear; therefore a connoisseur of the fashion would refrain from calling something that doesn’t fall within said rules Lolita.

It seems like most of these celebrity looks were done around 2008, maybe 2013, when some mainstream fashion elements converged with those of Lolita. Nowadays Lolita fashion doesn’t seem to get much representation in mainstream fashion or media. Unfortunately mainstream fashion seems more infatuated by Lolita a-la Dominique Swain rather that its Japanese antithesis.

Nowadays mainstream fashion is going for a more formfitting silhouette, the body conscious trend is alive and well, as well as the athleisure look, therefore Lolita’s voluminous petticoats don’t exactly appeal to those that follow trends. All we can do is wait for said trends to change, I’m sure most Lolitas wouldn’t mind being able to find more loliable accessories and blouses at their local mall.


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