Attending Anime Weekend Atlanta was an amazing experience, as it always is! Walking around the vendors hall was so much fun because you got to see everything from cosplay to various forms of Japanese Street fashion and everything in between. This year’s Japanese Street fashion was out in crazy numbers! I saw more people expressing themselves in different ways aside from costumes and cosplay than in previous years. The few that I’m going to highlight here are wearing everything from H.naoto and Baby, the Stars Shine Bright to thrifted and upcycled garments.


Two of my favorite looks were worn by Bridget and Brandy, whom I met on the convention floor after the Fashion Show on Saturday. Bridget’s look was simple yet striking with Gothic demon inspired makeup and a bag with pins from various indie artists. Brandy was wearing a Decora style look with an incredible makeup style full of glitter and small details. Her hair was covered in accessories and was cute and fluffy! They said they felt comfortable and confident and I feel that that is the core of Japanese Street fashion.





A lot of the looks I saw on the convention floor throughout the event were much more avant-garde and over the top this year, but I suppose that’s just due to the nature of large events such as AWA.


Anime Weekend Atlanta hosted a fashion show for 50% dangerous Gunk and Baby the Stars Shine Bright on Saturday and a Baby the Stars Shine Bright & Alice and the Pirates tea party on Sunday.

I was lucky enough to find a great spot in the audience for the fashion show as well as being invited to take behind the scenes photos during the Tea Party. During this time, I was able to be sneaky behind the scenes, and also highlight some of the more elegant or extravagant looks that I saw on the attendees.



There were quite very looks at the Tea Party, and I really enjoyed seeing everyone’s creative inputs into their chosen Style. Numerous classic Lolita were out this afternoon and everyone looked so elegant overall! However, there were a few that stood out to meet and I present them to you here in this report.





Perhaps next year I can attend the Tea Party myself but it was definitely enjoyable seeing it from an outsiders viewpoint. All the lovely people enjoying the relaxing tea with friends, and of course, with the representatives from Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Alice and the Pirates!

I look forward to going next year and seeing how their fashion track, and those who wear the fashions, evolve.


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