The opinions shown in the article are property of the people affected and doesn’t represent the opinion of Lolita & Boystyle Fashion Assoc. This store has both good and bad reviews.

Along the years this brand has been the image of Mexican Lolita design, their prints are original and beautiful. Its known nationally and internationally, but it has some critics and bad comments, so I decided to make an investigation, because in international pages they have good reviews but the Latin community had recommended me to not to buy in there.

Today I want to show you two cases, both clients of Sweet Addiction Store and they have a lot to say about it.

The first one is Mariana, she uploaded, some time ago, a review of the store to her YouTube account.

First of all, she says that she already had a dress from them, it was pretty ok, the same print model but in black. The second time she had a long shopping process and when she received the dress she realized it was different, and, not like the other one, this one looked awful on her.

The problems of the dress:

  1. The bodice is completely different, the picture showed a corset in the front par and the one she had didn’t had it.
  2. The measurements where wrong, it did not have a zipper and it was a nightmare to put it on and out, besides, it was too small.
  3. It was not made on the sizing they said and it was unflattering to her.

Before making it public, she tried to stay in contact with the store so she could have a refund and sent back the dress.

She didn’t believe that this could happen because of the good experiences that she had before.

If you want to know more of her experience and you know a little bit of Spanish, you can check her review on YouTube.

Just after she made this review, Mariana received this message from the store saying that they would not refund anything and can offer only an apology because her review makes them lose more money than the one they could refund.


Hi, :C I’m sorry that your experience had been bad with us, at this point there’s nothing to do but I’ll like to explain myself, when you send me the messages I was having problems with so many things, customs, taxes, the girls who works with me, etc. my intention wasn’t ignoring you but I had a lot of problems already and I was solving them at that moment, I felt that, if I had another one I was going to explode, I know is unprofessional to not to reply in 10 or more days but my situation was hard, I know your dress could have issues and the truth is that I do accept it. I just started to work with two girls at the beginning of this year and they are design students, but they are just starting, generally I check the shipping before they sent but that days I had a lot of work.

The only thing I can offer to you at this point is an apology because your video and your posts and everything you made me lose more money than the one I was going to refund, sorry for the bad feeling, I don’t hope you to understand or apologize to me, but that was my reasons. You are free to share your experience.

Her response:

I understand that this problems and inconveniences could happened to anyone. Honestly, I had never had an experience this extreme to make me go public with this bad shopping experience. Its, super awkward. I believe this could have been avoided replying since the beginning the way you are replying to me now. On other way its unreliable that this issue gets solved, and that’s why I gave you that advice. Other girls with problems are getting a response from you (but her). O.o It’s a shame that for poor communication your business gets affected and I had to keep something that it’s going to be expensive to fix.

With all respect, with your apology I can’t pay to the seamstress hahaha but well. At least you did reply. xD


At the end, Mariana could send her dress to the seamstress and made it wonderful, taking advantage of the print, and with a well-done cut. <3

The second case is more recent, Salma got in contact with them to buy two dresses since march of 2017. But when she received them she found that the finish was mediocre, errors on the pattern and some parts broken and bad sew. On this moment the store got in contact with her to fix the issue, everything was nice and you can tell that they were worried, they even offered her to send her a new dress (well made) because those where made by two “new” girls that where on their design practices, later they stopped replying to her messages, same as with Mariana. She got sick of this and after several months she decided to go public too. At this moment she had not received answers or a solution from them.

The conversation that she had with the store:

March 2, 2017

Sweet Addiction Store: Hi ? I saw a comment from you on a Facebook group, it’s a shame that the dresses didn’t fit you and didn’t accomplished your expectations, I have some options for you ?, look, you can send back the dresses and we send you a new one fixing the problem of the torso that you said you had, that only would be with the red dress, with the green one lamentably is an old model and we have no way to fix it, and at the same time, because it was on sale I can only offer you a refund. I can make the refund for both of the dresses but you have to send me the shipping code and in that moment, I refund you, I’m sorry for the bad experience, the beginning of this year was too stressing for me and I shrink in many ways, I hope you understand. I’m asking you to be discrete about this please.


Hello, the dresses arrived just yesterday and I had not time to reply to you, for been honest I’m very disappointed, the fabric is cute and the original design too, but the dresses are made on a very careless way, until today I could take the pictures, I’ll send you the power point with the details.

Salma: I’m very sorry! I’m the kind of person that never complains of a dish on a restaurant, I don’t know what is easier to you, if you don’t mind, anyone of the two last options would be good for me.

Sweet Addiction Store:

Look, we can do this, I’ll send you the second dress the next week, express shipping.

With good care of the details


If you don’t like ill refund you the 500 (mxn) but I’ll take care, that the dress will be ok this time

I’m sorry for all the inconvenience, I’m so sorry.

The truth is that I have two new girls helping me to sew and I’m always over them, but this one I’m going to do it personally for you ?

I’m working with them since the beginning of this year and they are in their design practices, they are really good, but sometimes this happens

March 13, 2017

Salma: Hi, I would like to know what’s happening

March 15, 2017

Salma: Hello?

Sweet Addiction Store: Hello ? this week had been difficult for me because of the work, I’m doing your dress in this precise moment.

On a couple of days, I’ll send you your shipping code.

I’m sorry for the delay.

Salma: Thank you! 😀

Don’t worry

I just wanted to know if everything was ok

I’m watching, thanks.

March 23, 2017.

Salma: Hello?

Sweet Addiction Store: Hello ?

Your dress is ready

Sweet Addiction Store: I made it with the original patterns

Looking the annotations that you made

I saw that the skirt didn’t had the same shape

This JSK, like many others of different brands, it’s only a pleated fabric strip and what it made the shape is the petty

Me, for example, to fluff this dress I’m using an A shape

This have no stains and its well made

I’ll check it

I’ll change the bust and emphasize the shape of the bust so it fits right

I had to took out the line of small lace over the bust

March 24, 2017


Thank you! It looks cute!

The comment of the skirt was because of the cut, it was too high almost an Imperio cut, but this one’s supposed to be on the waist

If the skirt wouldn’t start under the bust I’m happy ?

April 5, 2017


April 9, 2017

Did you forget about me?

April 13, 2017


April 15, 2017

Hello, I understand that you have a lot of work, but ill like you to give me a solution, if you don’t keep your part of the deal I’ll have to brake mine

April 17, 2017


April 20, 2017

Aren’t you going to answer?

June 29, 2017


July 27, 2017

I’m going to start to share my experience with you on all the Lolita communities in the country, it’s a shame that you did not had a minimum amount of respect and decency to answer me after making me wait for months the answer of the deal that we already had.

September 4, 2017


Are you only going to ignore me?

Look, I’m not a conflictive person, I don’t want to go further, but I don’t like abuses either, we had a deal and if you didn’t want me to be able to do it you could had told me and we fix it on a different way.

It was not necessary to disrespect me this way

September 10, 2017


October 3, 2017


Details of the dresses:

This let us with a lot to think about this store and doubting about buying or not in this place or, like many had told me, not buy there.

To every bad side, there is a good one, as there is bad reviews they are good ones too, I’m going to show you two good reviews that where sent to our fan page so we can have a better perspective.

Adriana share her nice experience with this store, she have bought here many times and she thinks that everything is good and cute. She had always been so specific about the cut and shape of the dresses that she wants, and it always fit perfectly. She shared her latest dress picture through Facebook, she wore this dress for Halloween of this year.

Coral is so happy with this store too and their designs, she had two dresses from this brand, she acquired the latest one recently and one that she bought second hand, still she thinks is beautiful and fits perfectly, Coral wishes that the store could fix this issue because she feels that the owner truly enjoy what he does, and he is really into this, she says that the fabrics are great quality and she hopes that this experience help him to get better.

I hope that, with this, we can have the full perspective and make our own opinion about this store.

Personally, I’m going to stay dreaming for the designs.


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