We as lolitas present ourselves as refined girls and open minded, that’s why it isn’t weird to find this kind of artistic representations in the skin of a lot of Lolita girls. There’s nothing wrong to cover our bodies with art, with any kind of meanings or only because is cute.

A lot of girls cover themselves in art under layers of clothes or accessories because they think that no one it’s going to like it inside the Lolita style. To these girls I say: Let it flow. Why you don’t wear your beautiful tattoos with pride?  Why be ashamed of it?

There are too many different kinds and it can even be used as accessories for certain coords, be inspired creating coords based on your tattoos, with matching colors, same lines, harmonic patterns.

For you to show your tattoos onto Lolita style it doesn’t necessary have to be sweet, with flowers, laced or even cupcakes, you can wear whatever you want.

I’m going to give you some ideas of what you can do with your tattoos so you can coordinate them with the lolita style. For this, I’m going to show you some tattoos and some coords that would look good with it.


For this kind of tattoo, a Kuro or Classic style would look good. The patterns and shapes of this tattoo are delicate and defined; it could be lost into a heavy print. If you want your tattoo to look great, you better look for a plain dress, with some little details and dark colors like black, brown, dark green or red wine.

Flower tattoos can be used with soft colors, white, beige, pink, or any natural color looks great with this kind of tattoo.

This kind of colorful tattoos can be used with colorful dresses, with a lot of details and strong colors, you can wear them with softer colors too, but not pastels because the tattoo will be the center of attention and not the coordinate.

Tiny tattoos can be used with every lolita style, looks great with any color accessories and style. This kind of tattoos are only tiny details that have no chance to steal the attention of the coordinate and you can even follow the same theme like using a bunny print with a bunny tattoo, a bag or only an accessory.

These where just some examples of what you can create using your creativity and making your coordinates to match your tattoos, I know it can be difficult because, in lolita fashion, we tend to not to show too much skin, but if you have a tattoo into a visible space you can use these advices. Or if you are thinking of making yourself a tattoo, don’t be afraid of doing it in some place that can be seen.


Express your beauty!




*All the images are used only as reference  


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